En curnaux

The farm , built in 1971, was initially a dairy farm. It is situated at an altitude of 1150m above sea level, halfway, as the crow-flies, between the settlements of ‘Les Ecovets’ and ‘Huémoz’. Dairy production had ended by the 1980’s and the farm converted to raising suckling calves.
Since 1994 we have practised ‘Integrated Production’ (PI in french). Integrated production aims as much as possible to use natural biological pest control. The volume of manure used is calculated very precisely according to the characteristics of the farm (arable, pastoral, soil type etc.). A farm practising integrated production is also required to set a minimum of 7% of its agricultural surface to hay meadows, rich in indigenous wild flowers (floral fallow land or extensive meadows), in order to improve the wild flora and fauna of the area.
We are part of the ecological network of the Muverans. The conservation of our natural heritage is very important. The network includes evaluation of ecological quality and recommends potential improvements that are possible through best agricultural practice.