taste of nature !

From December to March, the calves are born in the stable at the farm, situated ‘en Curnaux’ at an altitude of 1150m above sea level.
They sleep in a group and suckle their mothers twice a day under surveillance.  This allows us to observe and control the mother cows’ maternal instincts.
From April, the cows and calves begin to spend time outside and graze in the meadows next to the farm.
The month of May sees the start of the traditional transhumance of the herd from the farm up to the mountains passing by ‘Le Cropt’ to ‘Les Ecovets’, ‘Les Tailles’, ‘La Golette’, ‘Le Col-de-Soud’, ‘Les Loveresses-Plan Métraux’, ‘Les Planées’, ‘La Frasse’, arriving finally around mid-July at the main pasture ‘en Conche’.
From September, the herd begins the descent (known as the ‘désalpe’), returning to the farm around the end of October.  At this point we are able to sell our meat.
Our meat is appreciated for its tenderness, its pale pink colour, and its savoury flavour linked to the natural spices in the vegetation grazed by the animals.